Listen. Think. Ask. Do.

The Time for Transformation is Now.

Leaders of large organizations excel at managing human, material, and information resources to meet the demands of customers and to beat the competition. Continuous Improvement. Continuous cost-cutting. Continuous profit growth. Continuous innovation. These are the expectations and the demands of a business leader, and most good business leaders excel in these areas.

Unfortunately the same systems--the same capabilities--that allow companies to run their operations efficiently and effectively also prevent radical breakthrough thinking.

In short, businesses can be very well-managed and still be unable to create the ideas, products, and services that transform industries and change people's lives.

The time is now, to transform your leadership and transform your culture.

Breakthrough thinking requires a breakthrough intervention.

Su Ji Pu Li.

Open Your Team's Mindset

Think and prototype like an agile designer. Develop design thinking capabilities. Learn how to collaborate effectively and how to lead innovation teams.

SJPL's training programs raise your team's capabilities in formats that meet your organization constraints, from single-day program to intensive deep dives over several days.

Full Project Development Programs

SJPL can also work in parallel with your organization's leadership team to meet important strategic objectives. Want to develop a breakthrough service to delight your customers? Want to guide one of your transformation teams to open a new market? SJPL creates bespoke programs to support these efforts.

The SuJiPuLi Platform: Team Collaboration Across Time and Space.

Sticky notes with superpowers. A canvas that helps you design. In-person or remote real-time collaboration.

The SuJiPulLi Platform is the backbone of your transformation effort, whether you are capturing market intelligence, bringing together leaders from different regions to develop strategy, or simply to unlock the creative powers of each individual in your organization.


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